A Pleasant Surprise

Apr 29, 2015 | Kuster Design Blog

I was flying in with a really late arrival recently and needed a place to sleep before a long drive home. All I needed was a bed. Nothing fancy. Just clean and comfortable. I picked a motel chain I’d never stayed at before but had seen for years. The price was really good, so I figured I’d give them a try. I will admit that price sets my expectation level so I didn’t go into my evening expecting a luxury room – just something clean, quiet, and comfortable. I’m happy to report my experience exceeded my expectations, which is always a nice surprise.
It is a very pleasant surprise when I find a business that understands the importance of the customer experience. The best way to do this is to pay attention to the small details. Not every motel or hotel has to be five star but everyone can offer their guests a great experience. No matter the price point of your property make sure it is clean and well maintained. This is huge. Nothing spoils a great experience like hallway carpet with rips or stains or walls that are all scuffed. I stayed in a really expensive property once and the wallpaper in the room was torn and there was finger nail polish painted in streaks on the bathroom wall near the vanity. I certainly did not feel like I was getting my money’s worth from that experience.
With my most recent stay a key factor to me since I was arriving after midnight and just needed a good night’s sleep prior to a long drive was a quiet room with a comfortable bed. I was thrilled on both accounts. Even though the motel was close to the airport it was well sound proofed and I was not bothered by either highway or jetway noise. Also, the mattress was perfect! Just the right amount of softness and firmness to afford a great sleep. Now, hitting everyone’s mattress preference is tricky, but for me they nailed it.
The only spot I’d say this recent experience matched my price-point expectations was in the towels. When I grabbed my towel after my shower and went to dry off I felt like I paper towel. Not as bad as sandpaper, but still not a soft sensation across my skin. Are there better towels they could use in their pricepoint? I would think so as it seems to me that both IKEA and Target sell some really soft towels at not a very high price point.