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We’re a full-service design firm, driven by ideas and inspired by customers.


Environments affect emotion: the bedrock of our philosophy. We believe in matching your physical space to the desired emotional response you want in your home or from your customers. Does your design reflect your style – your brand?


Küster Design has been providing quality interior design solutions for homes and businesses, along with Customer Experience consulting and strategies since 2002. Learn more about our history and our pursuit of excellence.

Why Customer Experience?

What is one of today’s crucial keys to success? Today’s business benchmark? The Customer Experience – focusing 100% on your customers to meet THEIR needs. What kind of Customer Experience are you delivering?


Choosing a designer can be an overwhelming process. That’s why at Küster Design, we believe interior design is more than just the color on your walls or the placement of your furniture. It’s much, much more. It’s about making the right choices when deciding how your home or business will look and feel that will have a profound effect on your emotions and/or that of your customers. Behind the colors of those walls, we want to reveal your personality – tell your story – help you create an environment that is reflective of your style, your brand and your commitment to excellence.

If you’re a business, we also want to help you treat every customer interaction not simply as a goal, but as part of your every day culture and vision for success. We’ll work collaboratively with you to design, develop and deliver a superior customer experience to help you build strong relationships, support long-term growth and generate a competitive advantage.

Let us provide you with tailored design solutions and show you why improving your Customer Experience matters in today’s marketplace.

James Kuester

James’ Mission is to transform spaces by bringing your style to life.
Growing up in Indiana, James was always enthralled with the sophisticated art deco and art moderne world of 1930’s Hollywood. The scenes and settings that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced their way through in ‘The Gay Divorcee’ struck a chord and left a lasting impression. He longed to live in a world like the one he saw in the hotels, apartments and nightclubs that Astaire, Rogers and Hollywood presented in such films.

Later, he discovered the clean, classic lines of designers Eileen Gray and Le Corbusier and the timeless designs of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Sperry Topsiders and others.

When he designs, he takes on the challenges and opportunities to create spaces that recall these same emotions – spaces that are pleasing to look at and enhance their environment, yet just as the classics, never look dated or trendy.

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Customer Experience Evaluation

Is your customer experience growing your business…or limiting it?

A positive experience is the best guarantee of growth.

Learn where your business stands!

Each Customer Experience Evaluation includes:

  • Site visit by a Customer Experience Consultant
  • Evaluation of office layout and workflow
  • Evaluation of all marketing material, website and other collateral used to interact with customers
  • Evaluation of interactions between your team and customers
  • Written report of findings and recommendations for improving the client experience