A Single Season Convenience that Boosts the Patient Experience

Jan 27, 2014 | Kuster Design Blog

Indianapolis normally isn’t a very snowy place, but occasionally Ol’ Man Winter decides to remind us that we live in a northerly climate and hit the city with a winter full of plenty of snow.  This year happens to be one of those years.  One of the design features that we’re partial to is one typically only seen in much snowier areas, but we think it makes sense anywhere that snow can be a regular occurrence.  This is the snow grate at entrances to buildings.

We just hate the mess that comes from trying to rid one’s shoes and boots of snow.  Winter can be beautiful, but slimy, slushy snow mess is not. The simple little snow grate gives patients and guests a great way to remove most of the snow from their shoes and boots prior to entering the dental office.  This also helps keep the entryway and office cleaner so there is less mopping required.  Keeping a cleaner, neater office and adding small conveniences such as the snow grate enhances the patient experience and gives your patients another reason to refer their friends and family to your dental practice.