Breathe New Life thru Design

Mar 12, 2014 | Kuster Design Blog

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.  The mantra of “Going Green.”  While we work extensively with clients to incorporate environmentally friendly design into their dental office building and remodeling projects, we rarely see the opportunity to reclaim a really cool, abandoned or underutilized space and breathe new life into it by converting it to a dental office.  Why is this?  This can’t be because dentists aren’t hip and cool.  Some of the hippest people we know are our dental clients.  The answer must be a dearth of really cool properties that are suitable for a dental office conversion.

Whatever the reason we love what this small town in northern Indiana was able to do to give new life to one of its historic properties.

In the railroad era, most hotels were clustered downtown near the train station for the convenience of travelers. With the arrival of interstates on the outskirts, 70 mile per hour speed limits, and chain motels, many of Indiana’s nineteenth and early twentieth century downtown hotels were demolished.