Making A Great Laundry Counter

Oct 2, 2020 | Kuster Design Blog

Do you have a laundry counter or another great place to fold laundry? My mother didn’t. I don’t. Even though for years my father promised Mom he’d build a great counter in the laundry room so she could fold clothes, when they sold the house after 37 years amazingly enough the counter had never been built. To this day Mom always folds clothes on her bed. Guess where I fold mine after they come out of the drier? On my bed. Like mother like son.

Consequently, having a spacious counter in which to fold clothes fresh from the drier is one of those things that represent the height of luxury. None of the places I’ve lived so far in my life have had a laundry room large enough to put a clothes folding counter in. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I’d have done it.  A current project I’m working on, however, does. While not terribly large, the laundry room was large enough to design for a spacious work counter in which to fold clothes.  

It is the little touches that separate luxury from ordinary. A work counter doesn’t have to be large, it just needs to be a good, comfortable work height. Plus, the counter just has to be convenient enough to make one’s life a little easier.