The Extra Mile

Jul 14, 2015 | Kuster Design Blog, Living Luxuriously

Customers appreciate it when businesses cater to their needs. This should go without saying. So, why is it we’re still pleasantly surprised when we find one that really puts their money where their belief system is and does something good for both their clients and the environment, such as making room for electric cars?

Take this A&W Root Beer stand, for example. While driving through rural Wisconsin recently I was hungry and needed a rest stop and when I saw the sign for the A&W I thought, “Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve had a root beer float. Let’s stop here!” As I rolled up to the store I was caught off guard with the premium parking spot reserved for clients with electric cars. Who knew the electric cars could even make it that far out from urban areas? My number one reason for not getting an electric car is I travel long distances frequently to places where airlines and electric recharging stations dare not venture to go! Yet, here it was, an electric recharging station at this tiny A&W Root Beer stand. What a commitment to providing an exceptional client experience!

Having seen this I could only imagine the boost to electric vehicles, our environment, and electric car owners everywhere if a company like McDonald’s made a similar commitment and installed chargers at all of their locations – and Starbucks! (Okay, Starbucks isn’t as readily available in rural America as McDonald’s, so they might not be the best example.)