Where Do You Hang Your Towel?

Nov 23, 2020 | Kuster Design Blog

Where are the towels hung in your bathroom? One would expect the towels to be hung somewhere conveniently located to where they are going to be used, like next to the sink, shower, or tub. However, so often we find the towels hung quite a distance from any of these functional areas. So much so that they require a walk to get them, with the person needing the towel dripping water across the floor on the way.  

We understand the difficulty sometimes in finding a good place to put a towel bar. We’ve worked in plenty of small bathrooms where having a large enough clear wall space for a towel bar is a challenge. However, placing the towel bar across the room from the shower entrance really isn’t a very good solution to a poorly design room. Nor is putting the towel bar on a wall whereby it is blocked by the shower door when it is swung open to the bather still has to step entirely out of the shower and close the door in order to be able to reach the towel. We’ve witnessed room layouts where the bather has to literally take the towel off the bar and place it on the floor just outside of the shower if they want to be able to reach it without having to get out of the shower first or cross the room.

Instead of mounting the towel bar in some out of the way location in the room, try a hook instead. If you don’t feel towels get sufficiently dry from a hook and there is ample space, try a combination of a hook and a bar. This way, at least the bather can move the towel from the bar where it is placed to dry to the hook near the shower or sink so it will be easy to reach after the shower, soak, or washing one’s face. 

Another solution for rooms that do not offer sufficient wall space for a full towel bar, is a freestanding towel rack. While this solution isn’t always practical for small baths, they do offer flexibility and require no installation.

The time spent bathing should help one relax, destress, and be better prepared to face the challenges of the day. The experience should not become one of frustration by not having one’s towel readily at hand!