Create a Statement Piece

Does your home need some excitement? Is it time to freshen up a room with a statement piece that really pops? There are some designers out there that are working with the textile houses to create some amazing fabrics that can help turn grandpa’s old wingback chair...

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Go Big or Go Home?

Are you ready to really make a statement in your home or office? No, I’m not talking about an accent wall painted some bright color. Have you thought of a wallcovering with a really large scale graphic that will make your room come alive? Wallcovering designers from...

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New Kitchen by Thanksgiving – Think Again!

Has kitchen design been on your mind? Here we are near the start of autumn and we’ve been sitting in our homes since March. Okay, so we may have gone outside for a few backyard cookouts, but we know that cooler weather will soon be upon us and we’ll have to return to...

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Let Your Home Help You Escape

The global pandemic continues to rage and keep us living at home, stopping us from being able to relax and recharge. Who would have thought late last winter when things were just heating up that the summer would come and go and our ability to travel would continue to...

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Sitting Too Much at Home?

We’re five months into the COVID-19 global pandemic now and if like a lot of people you’ve found yourself suddenly and unexpectedly working from home. That home office that you only occasionally used to check email and pay bills has become the second-most if not the...

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Designing in a Virtual World

Back in March when I flew from Indianapolis to Central Wisconsin to visit our office there, I expected to be there for about 14 days and then back to Indy for project meetings and such in our Indianapolis location. Well, COVID certainly had a way of turning our lives...

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Time to Revisit Touchless Fixtures

Is it time to revisit touchless fixtures? For many years now, as a LEED Green Associate, I have recommended touchless faucets, toilets, and light switches to our clients as a way to reduce water and energy usage. Now, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, touchless...

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Let There Be Light

Most folks like to close their blinds or drapes at night as they are preparing for a bed for privacy, especially in their bedrooms. Yet, according to a 2007 CBS poll, 55% of 1,000 individuals surveyed say they are at their best first thing of a morning. So, if you’re...

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Bleach Cleanable Upholstery More Important than Ever

Several years ago, we wrote about the importance of having commercial-grade, bleach-cleanable upholstery in one’s dental, optometrist, and chiropractic office. At that time we were mainly focused on the durability and cleanability of the upholstery as compared with...

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Do You Live in a Smart Home?

A very good friend of mine who works in IT has for years spent a lot of time and energy re-wiring switches and outlets, and even more than 20 years ago the actual wiring in his home so he could control the lights and sound system from his computer. He would even spend...

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