The Extra Mile

Customers appreciate when businesses cater to their needs. This should go without saying. So, why is it we’re still pleasantly surprised when we find one that really puts their money where their belief system is and does something good for both their clients and the...

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Why I Dislike Wall Paper

Wall paper and other wall coverings are often employed in hotels, restaurants, and healthcare applications to offer a splash of design, color, and wear resistance not easily found in simple, painted walls. However, I am not a fan of their use, and here is why. When...

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The Small Things

Sometimes one walks into a new place and really get a surprise.  This was the case when I went into the Men’s Room at a new restaurant recently.  While the décor was pleasing and the space well laid out.  What really caught my eye was the bowl of scrubbing salts next...

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A Pleasant Surprise

I was flying in with a really late arrival recently and needed a place to sleep before a long drive home. All I needed was a bed. Nothing fancy. Just clean and comfortable. I picked a motel chain I’d never stayed at before but had seen for years. The price was really...

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Teach Good Service

Years ago when I attended bartending school I was taught to always make eye contact with new customers as they approach the bar, especially if the bar was really busy and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take their order immediately. This way, the new comers would...

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Manage Expectations

The other night I worked late but really needed to make a grocery run on my way home.  I pulled into the parking lot and walked up to the front door where the signage clearly said, “Open Daily Til 11:00 p.m.”  “Cool,” I thought.  “There’s no rush.”   Well, my...

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Accessibility Along the Wine Trail

This past Memorial Day Weekend I went with friends on a tour of wineries in Western Wisconsin along the Great River Road that runs alongside the Mississippi River. We tasted some good and some not-so-good wine, and we had a great time visiting the shops that are...

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Design for Accessibility

I recently traveled with my aging parents to my sister’s wedding on Chesapeake Bay. It was a lovely weekend and everyone had a great time, yet while I see my parents every week, living and traveling with them for four days reinforced to me just how much care we, as...

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Did You Ride Your Bike Today?

Today is National Bike to Work Day! Did you ride your bike to the office this morning? If you did, would you have a place to put it? I’m amazed how few dental practices, especially the standalone ones, don’t have any place for patients and staff to lock up their bike...

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Gotta Know How to Smile

There is a woman that works as a barista at my local Starbucks that makes me cringe whenever she is on the cash register when I come in. Occasionally, as I sit contemplating my next blog post, I’ll watch her and the other baristas as they hustle and work hard to serve...

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