2020 Has Been a Game Changer

Oct 28, 2020 | Kuster Design Blog

The design world is changing. Just like everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about some significant changes to our world and the design world is no exception. Pre-COVID our clients really like to meet with us in person to discuss their projects.  We preferred to meet with them in their spaces, too. Seeing our clients’ homes and offices and how they physically interacted with the space helped inform the designs and recommendations we ultimately developed for them. Well, welcome to the world of Zoom, Teams, and FaceTime!  

We no longer hold design meetings with our clients in-person. Depending on the client we’re meeting with them and conducting very collaborative meetings virtually. What was once resisted is now welcomed as it helps both parties feel more relaxed and comfortable in our changing world. We have had some very fun sessions explaining to clients exactly what measurements we needed them to take for us of their space so we could successfully move forward with a design. Hang onto your hats! That’s changing too!

Welcome to LiDAR! The new iPhone 12’s started arriving in homes and offices on October 23rd. If you bought a Pro model, it now has a LiDAR scanner built-in. So, what does that mean? That means we can have our clients scan their spaces to within 0.001” accuracy, upload the file to us, and we have better measurements to work from than ever before! Or, if our clients do not have an iPhone 12 Pro, we’ll send them a device complete with instructions on how to perform the scan and have them ship it back to us!  The pre-construction accuracy has never been this good (or during construction, either, for that matter). Other than we still won’t know what may lie inside a wall, there should never be a surprise from a mismeasurement again. This will also greatly help reduce travel time and costs for projects.  Happy with the work we did on your home and looking for some upgrades to your snowbird retreat? Well, we no longer need to travel to Florida or Arizona to help with that! (Or, invade your space while you’re on vacation!)  Just some quick scans of the space along with a Zoom meeting or two and we’re off to the races with a great new design of the second home, too!