Designing in a Virtual World

Aug 11, 2020 | Kuster Design Blog

Back in March when I flew from Indianapolis to Central Wisconsin to visit our office there, I expected to be there for about 14 days and then back to Indy for project meetings and such in our Indianapolis location. Well, COVID certainly had a way of turning our lives upside down in a hurry, didn’t it? With all Indianapolis projects placed on indefinite hold and Stay at Home orders issued, I have been in Wisconsin ever since. Luckily, I have a safe place to live in both locations, so being here has not really been an inconvenience. I think I am like most folks and figured that 6-8 weeks and we would have the virus situation under control and things would return to some semblance of “normal.”

Well, guess what? We’re now in mid-summer and things are heating up all of the US with no signs of slowing down! So much for this thing taking a break during warmer weather. I join lots of people all over the world that have spent the last four months living and working in their homes and imagining all kinds of ways that I can update and make improvements to my home. Plus, the way things stand now COVID may be with us for a long time and no one is going to want to wait another year or more to get all of those great ideas that have been popping into their heads off the ground, so moving to a virtual world is going to make projects easier and safer to execute.

But, if you’re not much of a DIY’er, how does one get expert, professional help when social distancing and not allowing strangers into your home is still the best advice to keep everyone safe? Well, welcome to the world of virtual designing!

We launched this service on a limited basis with existing clients back in late May and are now ready to roll this out to a wider audience. Just like everyone has probably gotten really good at Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls from work and communications with family and friends, we’re ready to talk with you using Google Meet to do virtual consultations and answer design questions about your home or office. Whether that is as simple as ideas for updating artwork or accessories all the way to full kitchen or bath remodels the technology is available to make this process flow smoothly without anyone needing to violate social distancing protocols. Our clients may book appointments with our team online at Additionally, utilizing the amazing measurement technology available on Android and iOS devices clients are able to take accurate measurements that our design team can work with to create plans and renderings. So, stop putting off those projects that have you have been dreaming about, and let’s start using the amazing 21st-century technology that we have available to us and keep our lives moving forward. I think fresh updates will help a lot of people feel better about where our lives stand right now.